Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweeter Than Sugar

You're Sweeter Than Sugar

Strenght of Love for You.

...No one else knows what my heart sounds like from the inside. - This would be great in a baby's room, on a picture frame, or if you change it to be plural it could be for multiple children. ♥ ~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine Suncatchers

Valentine suncatchers.
For the more ambitious child-crafter, here’s a beautiful wax-paper and crayon heart-shaped suncatcher to bring light into the darkness of February. Cut hearts from wax paper, sprinkle on crayon shavings (made with a pencil sharpener), and top with another wax paper heart.

Use a warm iron to melt the colored shavings, let the hearts cool, and then add string so you and your child can hang them easily.

Kids Craft.

Yarn Hearts for Valentine's Day

Yarn Hearts ♥

If your child likes to sew—or wants a good excuse to learn—try making these simple, embroidery-like Valentines. All you need is some cardstock, a tapestry-needle, scissors, tape and yarn. These are also a great craft for kids with sensory issues. Simple kids craft.

Easter Handcrafting Projects for Kids

Cool Easter Handcrafting Projects for Children

Easter is one of the holidays kids look forward to every year. It is the time for celebrating springtime and starting life anew. Easter is a holiday of bunnies, eggs, and lambs—and these things are what children appreciate. Make this holiday extra special for your kids by teaching them how to create colorful and interesting Easter-themed crafts that involve easy steps and require simple materials that are readily available at home. The following are some ideas for Easter handcrafting projects that kids of any age will enjoy:

Handprint Lamb
This Easter craft can be a precious keepsake of the growing hand of your child. Creating a handprint lamb is so easy even 2-year-old kids can do it in a breeze. All you need to complete this project are simple materials such as pencil, scissors, construction paper, glue, crayons, markers, and popped popcorn.
Start by tracing the hand of your child, with his fingers spread wide apart, on the paper. Then cut out the drawing and turn it on the other side. Draw the face of the lamb on the area of the thumb. Let your child put additional details such as ears, tail, and hoofs. On the palm of the hand, glue the popcorns to form the fluff of the lamb. Allow the glue to dry before you move the handprint lamb. Your child will surely be delighted to create this craft while munching on the leftover popcorns.

Giant Foil Egg
This handcrafting project is ideal for children beyond three years of age, as it gives them the creative freedom when it comes to designs. The materials needed for creating a giant foil egg include pipe cleaners, light cardboard, scissors, aluminum foil, markers, ribbon, glue, and tape.
Cut out a large egg (around 30 cm in diameter) from the cardboard. Help your child with using the pipe cleaners to create a design on the egg. The designs could consist of lines, circles, or zigzags. When the glue has already dried, cover the egg carefully with aluminum foil. To make the designs more visible, push the foil down over the pipe cleaners. On the back of the egg, tape the foil in place. Outline the designs on the foil using the markers so that the designs will look more noticeable. Use a glue to stick the ribbon in a loop at the top portion of the egg. Allow it to dry before hanging the giant foil egg.

Fluffy Pinecone Chick

Your kid can make this cute little chick in just a few simple steps. With the help of an adult, kids three and up can complete one of the easiest Easter handcrafting projects. The materials include the following: pencil, large pinecone, Easter grass, green construction paper, yellow paint, paintbrush, scissors, and glue.
Paint the pinecone and allow it to dry. When the pinecone is already dry, wrap it in a thin layer of fiberfill. Cut out a beak, eyes, and wings from the felt scraps and stick them onto the body of the chick. Place the Easter grass on top of the circular construction paper. Lastly, put the chick onto the middle of the Easter grass.

Tile Craft Very Simple


This tile craft is oh so simple. Can be done for Mothers Day, Easter and so many more.

Sunday is for Crafting

Good Morning. What is everyone working on this snowy Sunday afternoon?? Great day to stay in an be crafty.

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